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Causes and Treatments for Male Infertility

Infertility problems are difficult problems among men and women. There are several reasons behind infertility in men like sperms formation are affected due to hormones disorder in pituitary glands, blockage in testicles and vas difference etc. Some of the times genetic issues are also causes of men and women infertility. Some of the diseases like cancer, diabetes, and thyroid also prevent sperms and ovary formation. Smoking, drinking, anorexia nervosa, hard exercises can effect sperms formation. Doctors suggest people to avoid metal stress situation.

Hypertension can strongly affect reproductive process because due to tension our body produces low hormones and sperms so doctors suggest people to avoid stress issues. In all over world there are 90% men are facing infertility issues due to blockage in ejaculatory ducts, jam in ejaculatory duct stop sperm from going in to fluid, in this situation sperms can not fertilize with egg because with the help of ejaculatory fluid sperms enter in to women ovary then fertilize with eggs. In the case of highest temperature in testicles our body produces low sperms.

Some of the following treatments for male infertility such as:

– Fertility drugs
– Hormone treatments
– Treatments for sexual intercourse problems
– Treating infections
– In Vitro fertilization techniques

Infertility problems can also rises due to sperm allergy; due to sperm allergy our body produces antibodies this situation can resolve with the help of assisted reproductive technologies. Smoke of cigarette can also decrease the production of sperms and ovum, like heart and other body organ smoking also effect on reproduction process. Age is also big factor being infertile as after some age human body produce less amount of sperms. Sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, HPV, PID etc increase the risk of barrenness in men and women.

Poor diets, under weight and over weight are also some of the common factor which outcome fertility in men. Doctors suggest people to take healthy foods because poor diets stop the production of hormones and sperms. Doctors suggest people to eat milk, eggs, vegetables and fruits in daily diet. Doctors suggest people to eat balance diet as unbalance diet can directly effect on reproductive organs for example men who take large amount of fat in daily diet they face lower sperm count and concentration problems.