Why alkaline diet and mineral water can change your state by 180 degrees?

Many people suffering from anxiety and panic disorders are looking for a natural remedy for anxiety. This is a very good idea as it leads to major changes in the diet that can significantly help in reducing the amount of stress experienced.

You have to know that what you eat directly impacts your nervous system. Some foods will cause increased heart rate, make you sweat or feel lethargic. As soon as you eliminate those from your meals you will notice a significant improvement in the way you feel throughout the day.

Acidic diet vs alkaline diet

Adjusting the diet is one of the most effective natural remedies for anxiety. If you consume too much acidic food such as salt, sugar, nuts, grains, dairy products (excluding yogurts) or unhealthy fats your body’s pH moves towards the acidic side of the scale.

This is not a good sign and will result in you being more vulnerable to anxiety attacks. When your diet consists mainly of acidic foods it becomes harder for your body to remove toxins from the system. You will also notice that you’re more sensitive to disturbing thoughts and have lower resistance to stress.

The benefits of consuming alkaline foods

These symptoms can be easily eliminated with an alkaline diet. Some of the most basic elements of such diet are raw vegetables or fruits. Make sure you also consume healthy proteins (good sources are salmon, tuna, milk or roast meat) in the right amounts (50 – 70 grams per day). This should help you restore your body’s internal pH balance to an acceptable level.

After following this new diet for a few weeks you will notice major improvements in your energy levels. Your body will become stronger and will not be as prone to exhaustion as before. You will also become more resistant to stress and anxious thoughts and, in consequence, your overall quality of life will increase. As you can see, natural anxiety relief methods can really improve the quality of one’s life.

The importance of drinking plenty of mineral water (great anxiety natural remedy)

You may not believe but drinking proper amounts of mineral water is one of the most effective anxiety natural remedies. It has been proven over the years that water is a great quencher of anxiety and can significantly change the way we feel.

Water plays a major role in hormone and nutrient distribution in human’s body. Lack of water leads to dehydration which results in lower energy levels and increased sensitization. This in turn makes us more prone to anxiety.

What is the “hangover fear”?

You may have experienced the sensations described above while dealing with a hangover. In such a case you are often faced with “the hangover fear” – heightened sense of anxiety and jumpiness caused by water deficiency.

That is why providing your body with the right amounts of fresh, mineral water every day (at least 8 glasses) is of key importance while dealing with anxiety. Not only will this help you in warding off the feelings of anxiety but also maintain a good health and a high level of stamina.

So, the next time you ask yourself “how to cure anxiety?”, go and grab a bottle of mineral water first, and then implement the general anxiety disorder treatment of your choice.

As you can see, taking care of your diet is definitely worth the effort as it not only improves physical health but also reduces sensitivity to stress and disturbing thoughts. All of this will lower the likelihood of an anxiety attack and will serve as a basis for further treatment of anxiety.

If you’d like to learn more about natural remedies for anxiety feel free to read other posts on this blog where I discuss what minerals, vitamins and herbs you should include in your diet to speed up the healing process.