The impression that would come to a person’s mind if we speak of depression disorderis staying on a dark room while listening to a very sad music and crying day and night, quitting your job, cutting any communication on the outside world and will eventually lead to suicide but this is not rue all the time because you still have some control over your actions no matter what.  But what if you know that you are depressed but you just can’t stop it from manifesting?  Can you take the pressure if you tend to mend yourself but make the situation worst instead?   You can come to a resolution and deal with this problem on your own but there are some cases where you just can’t handle the situation on your own and you will need the help of a professional that will aid you to recover from it.  He will then administer some test to see if you are really suffering on such a condition and if you are, he will measure the severity of your condition so that he can effectively come up with a method that would fit best to y our condition.

Ruined Relationships

If a patient will see that he has a positive result in his manic depression test, he will surely come to realize that something is wrong with him all along.  People who suffer from manic depression will tend to form a gap between them and their loved ones because they want to be alone and any form of interference to this loneliness can cause them to be violent which is evident in severe cases.  And because he will be left alone most of the time, the possibility of hi condition to worsen is high.  The person that experiences this kind of condition knows that he needs someone t o back him up and give him some hand but he just can’t control it that the only thing that his mid wants is loneliness and deprivations from the society.  They will tend to burst out because of this depression and will sometimes be dangerous for the people around that are why before they knew it more and more relationships between them and their love ones will be gone.

Credit Cards

It is also observed that people who are diagnosed with manic depressions have a lot of debt.  This is because their depression will tend to encourage them to shop more and more even though they do not need what they are buying.  It is common to see in people who have this kind of condition to buy a car, boat, tons of clothes and groceries and other thing that might be insensible.  This is because the depression will tend to target their self-worth and the only way they thought of getting rid of it is by purchasing something which will intend to make them feel worthy of owning something.  Although these actions won’t be so alarming if you have a truckload of cash to spend, this will only lead to an extreme feeling of worthlessness especially if you tend to be bankrupted. The sad part is that people will not know that they have this kind of condition until they had some test and find it to have positive results.

The best thing that you should do to avoid bankruptcy and other negative effects that manic depression can bring to you is to have yourself for manic depression.  And after taking this test, it will serve as your alarm to start treatment or be relieved that you have no problem at all.  Although it won’t promise an easy road for your treatment, at least you are doing something for your wellness and sooner or later if you are persistent enough, you can even get back those relationships that you lost because of your depressions.